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Catholic school can ‘lawfully’ ban the headscarf

Court rules:

“the ban is in line with the school’s wish to preserve its Catholic character. The school is not limiting freedom of expression or discriminating against the girl on religious grounds”.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how a teenage girl is banned from the school because of her headscarf, despite the opinion of Equal Treatment Commision in favor of her. Then the girl went to the court. And, as you read above, the court ruled against the opinion of the commision. The school is right to ban the headscarf. We can now expect other private schools to ban the headscarf following this decision.

Today I read another news about another girl with headscarf, rejected by Aldi (one of the greatest supermarket chains in the country) when she applied for a job as cashier. When this was publicized, they withdrew their decision.

It is clear that there is a tendency to ban the headscarf all around the country (read Europe). Why? Have they just noticed that women with headscarves cannot be impartial (who is impartial? none.) or just noticed that those scarves are Islamic but not traditional? I repeat, the iidea of headscarf ban is the stupidest invention of modern, secular human minds.

That’s worrying.

PS: you can read the statement of Equal Treatment Comission on the issue here.


Volendamse klederdracht vs hoofddoek

March 31, 2011 4 comments

A fifteen year old girl is banned from the school because of her headscarf, in Volendam. The reason is that her headscarf is not acceptable in Catholicism, so in a Catholic school she cannot wear it. She made a complaint to the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission, and the Commission decided against the school. However, the decisions of the Commission are not binding. So, the school did not lift the ban. Now, she sued the school and is going to the court.

I do not know what is gonna happen in the end, but a friend of me has a funny suggestion for her. (By the way, the name of this girl is Imane.) He is wondering what happens if she wears a traditional Volendam costumes, which also includes a funny headscarf. Volendam is a historical Dutch village, famous with tulips, mills and farmers. Traditional costumes of the farmers are often referred to as “national costume” of the Dutch. It is specially called “Volemdamse klederdracht”. You can see many versions of those clothes on many souvenirs sold in tourist shops etc.

Anyway, I found my friend’s suggestion important because that can make people to question their logic behind the ban. I hope Imane can also think of that idea. Then, we may witness an interesting trial and distance ourselves from the dullness of the politics here..