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more TV programs à la PVV

March 15, 2011 Leave a comment

PVV again..
In a press release they complaint about representation of immigrants and asylum seekers as “pathetic”. And they want more programs focusing on the negative aspects of immigration.

Here’s the statement:
“De publieke omroep maakt nooit programma’s over de negatieve elementen van de immigratie, zoals criminaliteit en overlast.”
And roughly translated via google translator:
“The public broadcasting never makes programs about the negative aspects of immigration, such as crime and nuisance.”

I thought about this a bit and came up with some suggestions for PVV..
You can show images of women with headscarf and men with big beards or long dresses, who are breaking the rules, like crossing in red light, parking their cars in wrong places, not respecting the waiting lines, or feeding the waif animals.
Or images of people, hardly speaking Dutch language..
Or images of houses with long curtains and satellite dishes, and dirty streets..
Or videos of imams talking about infidels..

I do not want to talk about the criminality part..

It’s nothing more than offense.