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Wilders and my students

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

(from April 3)

One more day at the mosque, with my students.. I didn’t feel like following the course program today. We briefly talked about Zakat (almsgiving) in Islam and repeated last week’s topics. Quite unusually, students did not turn into chatterboxes, but kept their silence (mashallah). When I told them “girls, I really liked you today”, “we liked you too” they replied. I always thought, I only turn into a crazy teacher, after they turn into chatterboxes. It was the reverse today. Maybe every time.

When talking about whys and hows of zakah, I told them “zakah” is a form of social security for the poor, in Islam. Gave examples from Dutch social benefit system, how it work and how people feel secure because of this system. If one is not able to work, then the state pays him/her the unemployment benefits etc. Then, somehow they ended up talking about Wilders.

They always look uninterested in politics and other things happening around. They perceive the world in a cynical way. They do not react to the news. They do not think about the things happening. They live as if they are not living in this country. Most of them yearn for living in Turkey, however they are not connected to Turkey either. They talk about celebrities or TV series (mostly Turkish ones) or talk about boys and other non-serious things. Today, they proved me wrong. When one of them told about Wilders’ proposal of deporting immigrants engaged in crimes, almost all of them had something to say. One said, “Wilders had lived in Kanaleneiland (a district of this city, where predominantly foreigners/immigrants [i.e. allochtonen] live) and the Moroccans did bad thing there. And Wilders ended up being very negative about all Muslims, because of those Moroccans”. Wow, what a strong claim! Not surprisingly, many others agreed with her. ‘The other’ is creating their own ‘other’. The ‘oppressed’, oppress their own ‘other’.

Is this how they do the things in our world?


double passports..

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Dual nationality or double citizenship.. This is one of the hot debates of recent years in the netherlands.. Not surprisingly, those debates flared up because of immigrants.. again the non-western ones, the allochtoon.. Turks and Moroccans are the largest groups of non-western immigrants in the country.. among those who are naturalized and granted Dutch citizenship, still keep their Turkish or Moroccan citizenship..
In recent times multiple citizenship has been restricted by law, naturalized Dutch citizens are required to renounce their original former citizenship.

Wilders and many other PVVers strongly criticize some politicians with double nationalities and argue that it is unacceptable for MPs to have allegiance to different countries..
The funny thing is that those criticisms are mostly directed towards the non-western. If your second passport is from Sweden, then you are a less problematic case. Here is the related news.

Anyways, the following news has cheered me up, because a recently elected PVV politician turned out to have a Turkish citizenship, together with her Dutch one. Then, defended herself saying that she did not know about her Turkish citizenship and just became aware of it. She has no Turkish background or something. How is it possible that you are citizen of one country, but you are unaware of it? Is not that a weird excuse? Who she thinks will believe this? Someone said that, probably she worked in Turkey for the Dutch intelligence service in Turkey, and the Dutch state dealt with the legal procedure of citizenship on her behalf. I do not know.. that sounds probable.
And Wilders defended her, adding that she will denounce her Turkish citizenship as soon as possible..

You see the double standards of PVV (read ‘Dutch politics’)?