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political nightmare: PVV-SGP alliance ahead

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

PVV, the Dutch far right party. Openly against Islam. Very negative about the allochtoons (foreigners, immigrants, especially the non-western ones) in the country. 24 seats in the parliament. Supports the minority government from outside, especially on economic issues.

SGP (Reformed Political Party, Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij), fundamentalist Christian party. Highly controversial. Openly against homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia because they are all sin. Also against Muslims. Reject women as MPs. Wants the abolishment of Equal Treatment Commission. No more mosques and minarets. And two seats in parliament. Although not a part of the government, they have a crucial role, (especially in the First Chamber/Upper House/Eerste Kamer). Their approval may be necessary for the government when some controversial laws are getting through the senate.

Nowadays, those two parties are winking at each other.

There is a discussion in the parliament on the regulation of sunday shoppings. In the Netherlands, shops are closed on Sundays, unless they are not situated in highly touristic areas. Shops are only open on Sunday afternoons in 12 weeks a year, which means once in a month. Liberal parties want to change this rule and give the right of regulation to local authorities, instead of a national control by the parliament. However, Christian parties and the Socialists are against this, for different reasons. The former is for religious reasons, as Sunday is the day to rest and pray for Christians, the latter is for ideological reasons, to prevent the exploitation of workers. All other parties are in favor of local regulation of sunday shopping. However, the PVV is confused again ūüôā They declared that they are not going to support the efforts to allow local authorities decide about Sunday trading, although they think that “shopkeepers should have a free choice”. This is just because they do not want “to risk damaging the coalition”. And a PVV MP admits : “We need [the SGP] support in the upper and lower houses of parliament. It is both desirable and necessary to keep the political alliance intact to improve the Netherlands and the corporate climate.”

Keeping this political alliance intact? Corporate climate? Are we living in the same country with that MP?

If shops remain closed on Sundays, the SGP promises to cooperate with the government in other controversial issues. But only in a Christian manner,”maar dan wel op een christelijke manier”. What a trade-off!

Another issue¬†the PVV and the SGP is about to cooperate is the organization of an aid convoy for Gaza, Palestine. Some Dutch NGOs have organized a humanitarian aid ship for Gaza and in a couple of weeks the ship will take off to Turkey, then to Palestine. The PVV calls the government to insist on Turkey to prevent the ship for the protection of international peace. (If you are still not aware of this, I want to highlight the international peace we have on earth. As you know, Israel and Palestine are in peace, everything is great in Libya, there is some noise in Bahrein and Syria but everything will be okay soon. Ivory Coast? They are not a part of “the international”, let them do the things the way they want.) The major supporter of the PVV on this Gaza convoy issue are the Christian parties, the SGP and the CU (Christian Union).

The relationship between the SGP and the PVV were not that friendly in the past. In November 2010, the SGP leader Kees van der Staaij made statement criticizing the PVV about its MPs, who had involved in some criminal acts in the past. He complains about ‘PVV troubles'(PVV-perikelen) for endangering the stability of government. According to him, those PVVers who acted immorally should resign.¬†¬†In the statement he says:

“In het debat heb ik er zelf bewust voor gekozen om weg te blijven van de onderlinge schermutselingen en het politieke steekspel. Namens de SGP heb ik vooral het algemene morele punt vooropgesteld. ¬†Kamerleden moeten van onbesproken gedrag zijn. Als dat niet zo is, dan schaadt dat het aanzien van het parlement als geheel en dan slaat dat een deuk in de geloofwaardigheid van de fracties die zij vertegenwoordigen. Voor heel veel mensen in het land raakt dit ook de betrouwbaarheid van ‚Äúde politiek‚ÄĚ.”

Roughly translated by google as:

“In the debate I have self-consciously chosen to stay away from the clashes between them and the political jousting.¬†On behalf of the SGP, I mainly general moral point provided.¬†MPs must be of impeccable character.¬†If it is not, harms the reputation of the parliament as a whole and then hits a dent in the credibility of the groups they represent.¬†For many people in this country affects the reliability of “politics”.”

And the PVV, I can imagine, might have not liked those fundamentalist Christians calling them ‘immoral’.

Now, the SGP and the PVV are becoming very close friends.. How come?

Ends justify the means, as Machiavelli says in his book, Prince. All kinds of means are permissible to reach a certain end. Both parties are acting in accordance with this Machiavellian rule. Politics (i.e. the modern, corrupt, so-called democratic politics) requires this. You do not have never-changing principles, but conditional ones.

Now, curiously waiting for the outcomes of those strategic alliances between crazy parties..


more TV programs √† la PVV

March 15, 2011 Leave a comment

PVV again..
In a press release they complaint about representation of immigrants and asylum seekers as “pathetic”. And they want more programs focusing on the negative aspects of immigration.

Here’s the statement:
“De publieke omroep maakt nooit programma‚Äôs over de negatieve elementen van de immigratie, zoals criminaliteit en overlast.”
And roughly translated via google translator:
“The public broadcasting never makes programs about the negative aspects of immigration, such as crime and nuisance.”

I thought about this a bit and came up with some suggestions for PVV..
You can show images of women with headscarf and men with big beards or long dresses, who are breaking the rules, like crossing in red light, parking their cars in wrong places, not respecting the waiting lines, or feeding the waif animals.
Or images of people, hardly speaking Dutch language..
Or images of houses with long curtains and satellite dishes, and dirty streets..
Or videos of imams talking about infidels..

I do not want to talk about the criminality part..

It’s nothing more than offense.

PVV’s creativeness never ends, especially on headscarves..

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Sometimes the debates on headscarves and the way PVV proposes to deal with reminds me of Turkey..
Look at those sentences from a news article:
“PVV senate campaign leader Machiel de Graaf came under fire for the party‚Äôs proposal to ban headscarves in provincial council buildings and the suggestion this could be extended to public transport.
One member of the audience asked De Graaf how this would apply to his 88-year-old grandmother who always wore a headscarf.”

Exactly the same debates, with the same questions have been on the agenda of Turkey for 20-30 years.. The Dutch seems to follow the Turkish example.

Now, I want to enhance their discussion with some questions already asked in Turkey..

Okay, you wanna ban the headscarf.. But how? How are you gonna distinguish between the headscarf of a religious muslim or an ordinary grandmother? What if a headscarved woman prefers to cover her head with a bandanna, or a hat, instead of headscarf, are you gonna allow her, or ban the bandanna? If a non-muslim covers her, or even his, head for any reason are you gonna ban them from entering the provincial buildings and public transport? What about the nuns? Are you gonna make a survey on those “headscarved” and categorize them according to their clothing motivations? Is the scarf of the “girl with a pearl earring” acceptable?

And what about men? Are you gonna ban something for them? Maybe long dresses of some Moroccan men? You know what, banning beards could be a wise idea.. It was tried and worked well in Turkey. It still works.. You can make a legislation on clothing. Then, define and describe all the acceptable forms of clothing and appearance in detail, and force people to fit in..

After public transportation, you may want to ban them from the public sphere, the “space”, which is at the center of debates in Turkey. What is the public sphere? Can you tell me where exactly is this sphere? Can you show me its boundaries? If I get into an elevator, should I take off my scarf? What about the streets? Or the balcony of my house? Can I wear it there?

Have you already asked the women wearing scarves about their opinions? Or do you think they are far too repressed by their men and cannot answer your questions?

Just try!

double passports..

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Dual nationality or double citizenship.. This is one of the hot debates of recent years in the netherlands.. Not surprisingly, those debates flared up because of immigrants.. again the non-western ones, the allochtoon.. Turks and Moroccans are the largest groups of non-western immigrants in the country.. among those who are naturalized and granted Dutch citizenship, still keep their Turkish or Moroccan citizenship..
In recent times multiple citizenship has been restricted by law, naturalized Dutch citizens are required to renounce their original former citizenship.

Wilders and many other PVVers strongly criticize some politicians with double nationalities and argue that it is unacceptable for MPs to have allegiance to different countries..
The funny thing is that those criticisms are mostly directed towards the non-western. If your second passport is from Sweden, then you are a less problematic case. Here is the related news.

Anyways, the following news has cheered me up, because a recently elected PVV politician turned out to have a Turkish citizenship, together with her Dutch one. Then, defended herself saying that she did not know about her Turkish citizenship and just became aware of it. She has no Turkish background or something. How is it possible that you are citizen of one country, but you are unaware of it? Is not that a weird excuse? Who she thinks will believe this? Someone said that, probably she worked in Turkey for the Dutch intelligence service in Turkey, and the Dutch state dealt with the legal procedure of citizenship on her behalf. I do not know.. that sounds probable.
And Wilders defended her, adding that she will denounce her Turkish citizenship as soon as possible..

You see the double standards of PVV (read ‘Dutch politics’)?

PVV, allochtonen, and poops of seagulls..

March 10, 2011 2 comments

Rise of the far right, anti-immigrant attitudes, exclusionary reactions towards muslims, discrimination… those are all hot topics in this country (i.e. netherlands).

Today I read a news article which is really funny, and ironic.. this shows how far those intolerant, xenophobic people can go in accusing muslims and immigrants for every single thing, which goes wrong..

Check the¬†link¬†here,¬†even if you do not understand dutch, just watch the video. pay special attention to the images they use.. a woman with headscarf (typically “allochtoon”) throwing bread for the seagulls, but those acts results in more and more seagulls around the shore and they poop.. yep, those birds poop, and the shore become dirtier and dirtier, just because of strange practices of this strange religion, Islam.

I tried to read the news article, then translated it through google.. it still sounds very strange to me. is it because of my limited language skills, or because of google, or is there a really funny and strange thing going on..

The article ends with some comments by a PVV-guy.. he is complaining about religious practices of muslims in the hague, and how they cause nasty things in the city and disturb the indigenous people of the city..

Man, the allochtoons are the majority in that city, who are you talking about? who are the indigenous population? and if you please can tell me about the reletion between feeding seagulls, Islam, and pooping seagulls, i would really be glad.. I am a muslim too, and if I learn the relationship, I can behave accordingly..

PS (dutch politics 101): “allochtoon” is a term literally means ‘someone from another country’, just like the “barbar” used by the ancient greek, or the word “rum” by arabs. the plural version is “allochtonen”
in debates about immigrants and multiculturalism, this word is widely used. when it was coined one-two decades ago, it was an innocent word, referring to the people who have foreign-born parents. nowadays it is used in a more pejorative way, referring to all kinds of non-western people in the netherlands, even if they are born and raised in the country. and this word has some connotations of being failed in integrating into the country.

PVV is a populist, far right party. even though they are newcomers to the politics, they gained 15.5 % of total votes in the last parliamentary elections and became the third party. now they support the minority government.
the head of the party is mr. Wilders.. he has very brilliant (!) ideas about islam and muslims..last year, when he proposed to impose tax on muslim women wearing headscarves, debates about islam, muslims, headscarves, repressed women, handshaking, integration and many other debates had flared up..

All debates are still hot.. and everyday (or week), news similar to the abovementioned one are published, discussed and rediscussed..

That’s all for now.

Now, I gotta study some statistics for tomorrow’s retake exam.

Wow! I have just found an English version of the article, here it is. Yes, I understood correctly, people are feeding seagulls, seagulls are pooping, and some others are complaining about that, and argue this mass is due to Islam, and call for action against those who feed the birds.
By the way, mostly the mice (or rats) are shot in the video, however there is no word about them in the article.

And another ironic point is that seagull is the symbol of the PVV ūüôā

I admit, I kept procrastinating, rather than studying..—