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PVV, allochtonen, and poops of seagulls..

March 10, 2011 2 comments

Rise of the far right, anti-immigrant attitudes, exclusionary reactions towards muslims, discrimination… those are all hot topics in this country (i.e. netherlands).

Today I read a news article which is really funny, and ironic.. this shows how far those intolerant, xenophobic people can go in accusing muslims and immigrants for every single thing, which goes wrong..

Check the link here, even if you do not understand dutch, just watch the video. pay special attention to the images they use.. a woman with headscarf (typically “allochtoon”) throwing bread for the seagulls, but those acts results in more and more seagulls around the shore and they poop.. yep, those birds poop, and the shore become dirtier and dirtier, just because of strange practices of this strange religion, Islam.

I tried to read the news article, then translated it through google.. it still sounds very strange to me. is it because of my limited language skills, or because of google, or is there a really funny and strange thing going on..

The article ends with some comments by a PVV-guy.. he is complaining about religious practices of muslims in the hague, and how they cause nasty things in the city and disturb the indigenous people of the city..

Man, the allochtoons are the majority in that city, who are you talking about? who are the indigenous population? and if you please can tell me about the reletion between feeding seagulls, Islam, and pooping seagulls, i would really be glad.. I am a muslim too, and if I learn the relationship, I can behave accordingly..

PS (dutch politics 101): “allochtoon” is a term literally means ‘someone from another country’, just like the “barbar” used by the ancient greek, or the word “rum” by arabs. the plural version is “allochtonen”
in debates about immigrants and multiculturalism, this word is widely used. when it was coined one-two decades ago, it was an innocent word, referring to the people who have foreign-born parents. nowadays it is used in a more pejorative way, referring to all kinds of non-western people in the netherlands, even if they are born and raised in the country. and this word has some connotations of being failed in integrating into the country.

PVV is a populist, far right party. even though they are newcomers to the politics, they gained 15.5 % of total votes in the last parliamentary elections and became the third party. now they support the minority government.
the head of the party is mr. Wilders.. he has very brilliant (!) ideas about islam and muslims..last year, when he proposed to impose tax on muslim women wearing headscarves, debates about islam, muslims, headscarves, repressed women, handshaking, integration and many other debates had flared up..

All debates are still hot.. and everyday (or week), news similar to the abovementioned one are published, discussed and rediscussed..

That’s all for now.

Now, I gotta study some statistics for tomorrow’s retake exam.

Wow! I have just found an English version of the article, here it is. Yes, I understood correctly, people are feeding seagulls, seagulls are pooping, and some others are complaining about that, and argue this mass is due to Islam, and call for action against those who feed the birds.
By the way, mostly the mice (or rats) are shot in the video, however there is no word about them in the article.

And another ironic point is that seagull is the symbol of the PVV 🙂

I admit, I kept procrastinating, rather than studying..—