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interesThings in Turkey

interesting things are happening in Turkey. i do not want to comment on the main issue of conflict, i just want to write about the things that i seriously do not understand. i am against destruction of the park, or any park. i did not like the proposed project.

for me these kinds of projects are not more than invention of traditions. and this reflects the confusion of the government people about the ottoman history. these guys are fans of the ottoman empire, are not they? but which ottoman empire? i assume the so-called golden age ottoman empire. i assume so, because they constantly refer to the sultans of this age. especially mehmed the conqueror, selim the yavuz, and süleyman the magnificent. as recently announced, the third bridge on the bosphorus will be named after yavuz selim. this is another point of debate in turkey, anyways. and the proposed project to be implemented in place of this park belongs to the late ottoman period. this period was very very very and very different from the golden age in various aspects. the sultans of this period implemented several reforms and projects of westernization, like the barracks in question. i know it is not appropriate to say it this way, but this period can even be considered as a period of secularization. i know, i know it does not sound good. this is the argument of some republican scholars of Turkey, like Niyazi Berkes. i am saying this to highlight the difference between earlier and later periods of the ottoman empire and trying to attract the attention of my imaginary readers. this difference was very apparent, and it was not difficult to interpret the developments of the late ottoman times as attempts of secularization. if the guys in turkish government had lived in the later period of the empire, they would probably have been against these reforms and probably against the construction of this barracks at that time. they are not compatible with their mentalities. this was the first thing that i do not understand in these days.

second thing is on a different issue. the protestors and the supporters of protestors, maybe there are some exemptions, are complaining about turkish mainstream media for not being objective. they do not reflect the police violence, they stand with the government, they are not critical enough etc etc. ok we all know that. is any kind of objectivity possible on any place of this world? no, i do not think so. and the weird thing comes now. these people call the mainstream international media for help. i cannot believe this! how come? this international media, cnn and others, and being objective? let us suppose they broadcast these gezi news objectively. but please remember their other incidents. they do not reflect the reality in palestine or in the prison of abu ghuraib. even the news of the anti-capitalist protests during the international meetings. how one, being aware of their disputable objectivity, could call them for help? that is also something that my mind could not deal with.

there are also other points, but i have to write my thesis.
i hope to write more about my confusions soon. like on the referendum issue.




long time, no see..

October 29, 2011 2 comments

it’s been a long time, since i wrote here. i have a paper to write, and i’ve been procrastinating behind my laptop since yesterday morning. (of course i didn’t stay up here. i am waiting for an inspiration to come, but it didn’t.) and as the final stage of procrastination i thought of blogging 🙂 so here i am, back again! things have changed a lot. i graduated, got my masters degree. i’m not living in the netherlands anymore. that’s was really hard for me first, then i got used to it. i still miss my friends living there, and the things i used to do there. i still read the dutch news every week. it seems that everything is the same. pvv is still there, economic crisis is still there, people are getting more and more against the EU etc.

however, i don’t think i’ll be writing about dutch politics again. because i am not following the news closely, and not living there. i don’t think i can make reliable observations, i am a real outsider now. i may write more about general things, like the the new global “occupy” movements, which first started in the wall street, NYC. globalization is a weird thing. those people are protesting against the global capitalism, and their protests are also becoming global. i can think of globalism as a huge monster, swallowing everything, like those protests. and you can say that’s the positive side of globalism. probably. i have confused feelings towards globalism. i am not in the right mood of writing more about it, hopefully i can write more in the coming days, in a normal day, not in a day full with procrastination. and i hope writing here becomes a hobby for me, not a tool of procrastination.

i said things have changed. i made a life-changing- decision. it was not very hard to make, i feel very confident and comfortable about it. nowadays, i am trying to get used to the presence of a new person in my life. my new significant-other. other than that, i am still a student, in a different masters program. i have thoughts about switching to a phd. getting a phd abroad is nothing but a dream for me nowadays. and the questions follow, does it really worth to get one from a Turkish university? or would it be possible to teach in a turkish university with a headscarf, after long years of studying? if not, i can think of quitting now, but this idea scares me a lot. never mind, just try to forget those problems, and focus on my paper, how Kritovoulos and Tursun Beg described the conquest of Istanbul by Mehmed II in their chronicles.

if i drew a desperate picture of me here, it’s not true. i am more than happy in those days. the pessimistic tone of this text is due to this boring paper.

that’s all for now. i hope i continue writing here and there, i still have a couple of un written recipes.


positive discrimination for the natives

A couple of days ago, I read on the news that foreign athletes will be banned from running in the Utrecht marathon, because they win all the time. Those foreign runners are mostly Kenyans, they always come first and win the prizes.

And comes the recent news. The organization committee seems to solve this problem of always-winning-Kenyans. The website of the marathon states that ‘only athletes who have been invited to take part are eligible for big money prizes’. As one can expect, no Kenyan athletes are invited. So they are de facto excluded from winning the prize. If invited runners win, they will get 10,000 euros, but if non-invited ones (i.e. Kenyans) win, they will get 100 euros, hundred times less than the invited ones.

How could that be explained? Is this a positive discrimination (of the non-foreign athletes)? Can positive discrimination be applied for the majority (I assume, foreign/Kenyan athletes are in the minority)?

To me, it does not sound like a positive discrimination, but more like  intended discrimination of the Kenyan athletes.

US immigration service surfing on facebook

I have just read the following news:
“USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) has just issued a Memorandum to the FDNS (FRAUD DETECTION NATIONAL SECURITY) division explaining the usefulness of Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites as an  investigative tool to detect fraudulent activities on the part of applicants or beneficiaries  who have submitted applications and petitions to USCIS.”

They are getting crazier and crazier.. They? The states, security agencies, those holding the power, in short, the hegemons. They claim that they have the right to follow applicants and beneficiaries of Immigration Services on Faceboook or other social media.

Hey hegemon, are you also reading this post? Listen, you can report me to my supervisor, for procrastinating on the internet instead of writing my thesis. You can also add me on Facebok, I share many useful links. Unfortunately, I don’t have twitter and MySpace, don’t waste time to find me there.

national dna database

March 21, 2011 1 comment

Please do read the following news of from last week’s Dutchnews:

“We need a national dna data base says police chief

Every Dutch national should hand over a sample of their dna for inclusion in a national data bank to help solve crime, Rotterdam police chief Frank Pauw says in Monday’s Telegraaf.

At the moment, only people suspected of crimes with a jail sentence of at least four years have to hand over dna. The Dutch forensic institute data bank now contains the dna of 11,000 people.

‘If you want to make the world safer, there is a price to pay,’ Pauw is quoted as saying.”

Don’t you think that this is a genius idea? After the fingertips, they are gonna collect samples from our DNAs to detect terrorists quickly.. So we will feel more and more secure..

Don’t you feel yourself more protected since your fingertips are saved for the databank of the police when you extended your passport last time?

And you know what, some states cooperate and share those data with each other. This helps them to trace the suspects all over the world.. One does not have to be a real criminal, being a suspect is enough..
And, yes, they do not even feel the necessity of asking the people before they share those information. Why should they? It is for the good of the people. We, the people, are their only concern.
Everything is for us, by them, and despite us.
Bless the state!