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mosque attack in Brussels

March 14, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been long long long time since my last post. I tried to post couple of times, but my attempts failed. Either my drafts disappeared, or something went wrong with the Internet and the text was lost. Hopefully this time I will be able to publish this one.

Yesterday, a mosque attack in Brussels was on the news. Very early in the morning a Shiite mosque was attacked by some unknown person(s). Turkish media revealed this event as a “racist attack”. And I am pretty sure that most people (including Muslims, especially Euro-Muslims) also thought so. Who on earth would attack a mosque with a petroleum bomb, set a fire and kill the Imam? Of course a racist, an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, Islamophobic person. International mainstream media (eg. AFP) made references to the densed immigrant population in the district where the mosque is located. Everybody was expecting something racist or anti-Muslim as the motive of this attack.

But, no. After a couple of hours, there were some rumors about the suspect. He was a Muslim. Yes, he is a born-Muslim (and probably born in Belgium). An official from the mosque reported that this guy is known as a Salafist in the district.

I am not interested in the religious orientation of the suspect. But, in the hidden racism in our minds. Expecting an anti-Muslim, Islamophobic bomber is not different from blaming the Muslims first, when there is a bombed attack on any part of the earth (except the mosques). Scapegoating of Muslims, especially in the Western world, is reversed in this case.

Personally, I take my lesson.

P.S.: Even though I moved Istanbul, I still read DutchNews everyday. Do not if I am gonna give up this habit. But I am fine with following the Dutch politics.

But, hey when did Job Cohen resigned, and why?  I completely missed that news. It was probably when I was dying at my new place, without any piece of Internet.

Right now, I am in a seminar course in the university. I feel ashamed because I typed this post, when listening to a friend making a presentation right now. 😦