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i am on the move.

we are in urfa since last week and will stay for a few years. i’m trying to get used to be here nowadays. today and in the coming days i’m gonna write about my tiny miny observations in this city.

last week we were on a taxi on our way home with my husband. the driver and f. started a discussion. f. first asked the driver why he did not turn on the taximeter. he said he is not using it anymore, because it is not profitable anymore. sounds weird :). then, he explained. because the oil prices increase very frequently, taximeter needs to be adjusted every time. and this adjustment cost him  a lot of money each time. so he simply decided not to use it. and brought us home for 15 tl. that was acceptable for us.

he asked f. where is he from. f. said ‘Urfalıyım’. man got a bit surprised. f. explained a bit, like ‘ i was abroad’ bla bla. man said ‘kaybolmuşsan’ (you are lost). f. approved him with a similar sentence, with a strong Urfa accent :). then the man became more talkative and asked further questions. and asked me ‘hanım kız sen niçin geldin buralara?’ (why you came here), i said ‘kocam geldi, ben de geldim işte’ (my husband came, so did i). i think he first didn’t understand that f. is my husband. he asked ‘urfanın defterine yazıldın mı?’ (i guess he meant ‘are you registered to the city council?’), i said yes. and he said ‘allah razı olsun’. i didn’t understand why. 


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