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long time, no see..

October 29, 2011 2 comments

it’s been a long time, since i wrote here. i have a paper to write, and i’ve been procrastinating behind my laptop since yesterday morning. (of course i didn’t stay up here. i am waiting for an inspiration to come, but it didn’t.) and as the final stage of procrastination i thought of blogging 🙂 so here i am, back again! things have changed a lot. i graduated, got my masters degree. i’m not living in the netherlands anymore. that’s was really hard for me first, then i got used to it. i still miss my friends living there, and the things i used to do there. i still read the dutch news every week. it seems that everything is the same. pvv is still there, economic crisis is still there, people are getting more and more against the EU etc.

however, i don’t think i’ll be writing about dutch politics again. because i am not following the news closely, and not living there. i don’t think i can make reliable observations, i am a real outsider now. i may write more about general things, like the the new global “occupy” movements, which first started in the wall street, NYC. globalization is a weird thing. those people are protesting against the global capitalism, and their protests are also becoming global. i can think of globalism as a huge monster, swallowing everything, like those protests. and you can say that’s the positive side of globalism. probably. i have confused feelings towards globalism. i am not in the right mood of writing more about it, hopefully i can write more in the coming days, in a normal day, not in a day full with procrastination. and i hope writing here becomes a hobby for me, not a tool of procrastination.

i said things have changed. i made a life-changing- decision. it was not very hard to make, i feel very confident and comfortable about it. nowadays, i am trying to get used to the presence of a new person in my life. my new significant-other. other than that, i am still a student, in a different masters program. i have thoughts about switching to a phd. getting a phd abroad is nothing but a dream for me nowadays. and the questions follow, does it really worth to get one from a Turkish university? or would it be possible to teach in a turkish university with a headscarf, after long years of studying? if not, i can think of quitting now, but this idea scares me a lot. never mind, just try to forget those problems, and focus on my paper, how Kritovoulos and Tursun Beg described the conquest of Istanbul by Mehmed II in their chronicles.

if i drew a desperate picture of me here, it’s not true. i am more than happy in those days. the pessimistic tone of this text is due to this boring paper.

that’s all for now. i hope i continue writing here and there, i still have a couple of un written recipes.